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Collection: Balance Bowls. Sculptural Art

My open bowl forms, with unstable rounded bases, represent vulnerability and serve as a blank canvas for mark making, exploring the inner landscape of the mind. The uncertain, delicate grid like pattern, drawn intuitively with equal emphasis placed on the inside and outside of the form, addresses the theme of connection; of past and present, conscious and unconscious, earth and sky, life and death. Through multiple firings, I layer up washes of colour using slips and underglaze, striving for a quietness to come through which is not always the case. This pulling forward and pushing back of colour is an expression of how unwanted thoughts can take over the mind so it can feel challenging at times to achieve a balance.  

Formed using the slow and repetitive process of slab and coilbuilding, using only my hands and very limited tools, I have full connection with the clay at all stages of production. I view my method of working as an active form of meditation allowing the process and the materials to guide me, handing over control to the unpredictable outcomes of what evolves. 


Using a grogged white Earthstone clay, fired to 1150 my work is deliberately unglazed to reveal the subtle raw texture of the surface, its only function to be contemplated on. Working in groups, each piece is unique, yet complement each other as a series of works. As each piece is individually hand formed and painted, no two bowls are ever the same. 


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