SPRING/SUMMER Collection of The MindFull Mug goes on sale 1st May @ 9pm.

Collection: The MindFull Mug

MARCH shop drop, available on  Friday March 1st, at 9am.


 I designed this mug when I was at my most vulnerable as a want to share with others what it felt like to experience the grounding feeling of soft clay. I have done a lot of work around anxiety and know that the more senses we engage, the more calm and present we will feel. Using this mug engages all 5 senses and brings the user back to the present moment.

Being 'Mindful' with a 'Mind Full' is not easy, but by incorporating this short 'time for you' ritual into your daily life takes the hard work out of it. 

I love every part of the process of making these mugs. Working slowly, I treat each one as an an individual piece of functional art. For this reason, I work in very small batches which sell out quickly so keep an eye on my social media pages for updates.

This mug comes beautifully gift boxed with instructions for use.

PLEASE NOTE: As each mug is made and painted by hand, no two will ever be the same and may vary slightly from the images shown. 


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