SPRING/SUMMER Collection of The MindFull Mug goes on sale 1st May @ 9pm.


"Highly recommend! Cora made a beautiful Christmas decoration for me and had it in a beautiful little gift box. Was able to collect it only days after ordering. Great service! Thank you Cora"

A Fraher


"The sentiment behind the mug, the holding of it, the containment it offers, and the nurturing it brings, all add to it's specialness. it is well known that Art is healingand the MindFull Mug is a perfect example of how that is so. I have gifted Cora's MIndFull Mugs and each recipient has felt the power behind it's intention."

Vivianne Moloney , Psychotherapist


I bought a MindFull mug for myself, but I then gifted it to a friend in need so I would love to win one. The piece I bought was magnificent. A pleasure to look at and hold. Everything, from the conscientious packaging to the customer service, was top class from start to finish. Cora's work is thoughtful, thought provoking and stunningly beautiful.





Cora made two mindful mugs one for my mum and another for me having answered several questions before I completed my order. She paid meticulous attention to the personal details I requested. Mum and I cried when we opened them together and we sat quietly holding them whilst contemplating the reasons why i had chosen them in the first place to remind us of people we had lost and that whilst we live in different countries, we can always be connected.
A truly unique piece of artisan work handcrafted by an equally unique talent that is Cora. I would buy again and again. PS the packaging is amazing as well…!’

Helen Costal Wylde



It’s taken me 24 hours to come up with the right words (and I still don’t have them now) to convey how overwhelmed I was to receive my two mindful mugs yesterday. From the beautifully packaged with serious attention to detail to the words crafted stunningly as I asked and my dear pops initials imprinted with on the mugs. I have only opened one as I didn’t want to damage the packing. I’m going to open together with my mum on Christmas Eve and I know she will adore them. Together we can work out who has which one. And I know my dad would have appreciated the craftsmanship that it takes to design them. Thank you Cora. Much love ❤️



If I could give you a hug I would. To be able to do what you do and touch people with your craftmanship after such tragedy is a true testament to what an amazing human you are. I dont say that lightly, I really hope to meet you one day. All the very best lovely lady ❤️ Helen



Just so you know the pack arrived but i want to open it mindfully so I haven't gotten there yet :):) but i know how much TLC even goes into packing things up let alone the actual mugs themselves so just wanted to let you know they here:):):):) a million thank yous. Helena Dillon


Hi Cora, just to let you know my mug arrived safely this morning and I just love it ❤️ Thank you so much. It is such a special piece. Sorry, hit send too soon ... and I can't wait to use it. Tea is a very bit part of my life and I'm sure I will love drinking it from my new mug and taking time out to think. Best wishes,



I had a little peek at one, it's absolutely gorgeous! Not sure if I'll be able to gift it. Hi Cora, your bowls arrived yesterday. I saved the parcel a whole day and opened it up today. It was like Christmas! They are so beautiful, now I have to find the right spot for them.
Thank you!

Mary Palmer


Hey cora I just spotted your Facebook message there I know I messaged on august but am I ok to get a shepherd, a sheep and an angel please x mam had Mary Joseph and Jesus on display all year round it’s too GOOD to put away that’s mams line 💕💕💕

Your amazing creation has come out of the “good cupboard” and made it onto the mantle piece 🫶🏻centre stage for the Xmas  Janet Halpin


You are doing just great!
Love your work.
Love your message.
I think I love YOU!
Happy Christmas!

Olive Browtique



I've purchased several of your mindful mugs , kept one for myself and passed on the others as gifts. To say they were well received is an understatement. Everyone loved them as I love my one. It is a piece of art on my counter and a reminder to take a minute to myself when having a cuppa. I'll be ordering more. Couldn't rate them highly enough.

Michelle Ross

Omg Cora ! They're incredible! That's like CBT translated into ART! You're SO creative!! Can't get over how beautiful AND meaningful that is 💞💞💞 Niamh Connelly CBT Therapist



❤️❤️❤️look at the beauty he has gifted the world…I think of him every time I look
at my mindful mug. Isn’t that something quite incredible? I am a mere stranger to your life, and yet I think of your son whilst I sip my coffee during the quietest part of the day. What a legacy Fionn has left ❤️thinking of you ❤️



Looking for a personal mug that suits me for a long time and those ones are it!! Is the exhibition open to the public and where is it if it is? Just adore your work! Xx Caroline O Toole



The mugs are even more lovely in real life and I can’t stop stroking it 😘 Camilla



Hi Cora having my first coffee from my beautiful mug, wow I'm sitting here caressing it so relaxing 😌 Denise



Hi! I didn’t know you had an insta! Robbyn Swann and Tony Summers just gave us the most amazing wedding gift of your balance bowls!! My mum is currently protecting them at her house as we are in the midst of what I call a reorganising but I just wanted to rave and tell you how amazing and wonderful your work is!! When I have them set up in our home I will send you a pic!! Xxx CGL



I love it! So comforting to hold it’s just perfect! 😍 Tanya



Cora, It has taken me this long to get back to you!
What a beautiful beautiful piece of work I bought from you. It’s truly genius. Eileen was so happy with it as part of her gifts and said it was her favourite. Thank you so much and for delivering, makes it so easy for me. I hope that product goes on and on to bigger and better things x Jane Prendergast



Hi Cora, it was my pleasure to share images of your mindful mugs. Your packaging & the care & thought you have put into every detail is such a joy to receive. I might even put the second unopened box under the Christmas tree so I can have the joy of looking forward to opening it at Christmas. Breda Marron


 Adorable, adorable, adorable.       Such BEAUTIFUL touches too. A stunning heart felt concept. I adore it.  


  I completely hear you. I’ve had to focus really hard on not using it until I can give it the respect it deserves… it’s a commitment but it’s SO SO WORTH IT. I believe in this ritual SO MUCH. Well done again. So so beautiful

Helena Dillon


as well as the mindful mug, decorations, bowls and so much more. All I can say is they are out of this world. And having been there from the very beginning when cora would nervously approach the kiln to assess the damage, I certainly know the hours of hard work and dedication that goes into these masterpieces... I am so proud of how far you have come in achieving this success but it could not have happened to a more deserving person. Every single one of my friends have admired your work and have since ordered from you themselves. This is just the beginning.... go n-éirí go geal